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Refuge Chapel, 2019

I’ve been a full-time street preacher in San Francisco with SOS Ministries, a classroom instructor at the Alaska Bible Institute, missionary to Mexico and the pastor of Kachemak Bay Christian Center, Homer, Alaska. I taught the Gospels for several years at the Alaska Bible Institute.

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I have some other blogs:

A devotional blog for Christian believers who are struggling with physical and mental issues. It’s meant to explore discipleship issues and be an encouragement for those in difficult places. Our ministry focuses on “Serving Rascals, Clumsy Disciples, and Mentally Ill Believers with the Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ.” It has generated 1.5 million hits from almost every country on planet earth.

Red Letters Study:

A walk with Jesus through the “red letters” of scripture, examining the words and miracles of Jesus Christ. In many Bibles his words are in red, that is the thought behind this blog. It’s also a devotional study with simple entries that are short, and hopefully a blessing.

Song of Solomon:

Considering the love of Jesus for your soul. Short devotional posts that survey the Book of Song of Solomon, the passages are in consecutive order, and please, check out the old stuff! If a post doesn’t ring your bell, move on to the next one.

Hope to hear from you soon.